Stupid Commercials Trying to Emasculate Men

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Masculinity, Relationships
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Has anyone but me noticed the commercials on TV that have a husband acting like a child and the wife acting like a mother towards her husband/child? There’s the one where a group of guys are over watching football and the wife comes home and there are dirty footprints on the carpet. The husband makes a lame excuse and later it shows the husband and a friend cleaning the carpet. Like two pouty kids. Or the one where a child of a couple is dropping hints about what it wants and the mom gives the kid everything he wants. So the husband employs the same tactic because he wants to go play golf. His wife flat out tells him no.


First, if a husband or wife has to ask either one to do something the relationship is seriously in trouble. Checking with each other out of respect is one thing but asking for permission is wrong. No one gender should have that much authority over the other. These commercials are just another way of attempting to strip away the masculinity of the men. My wife and I both find these repulsive. Why would a wife want to be a mother to her husband. Contrarily speaking a husband should be a preserver of his wife. That means he should consider her in all things he does and thinks.


There is a current theme on commercials that have a man acting like a child in relationship to their wife


Here one I know you’ve seen.


The Dodge Charger ad about women sucking the life out of their men! Literally titled “A Man’s Last Stand,” it features men with dead eyes and sallow complexions reciting in monotone all the things they are forced to do in their lives. Here is some of the list


Walk the dog at 6:30 am


Shave and clean out the sink after they shave


Be at work at 8


Sit though two-hour meetings


I will say yes when you want me to say yes


I will talk your call (Gee thanks!)


Listen to YOUR (the mean wife’s) opinions about my friends


Listen to YOUR friends’ opinions about my friends


I will be civil to your mother


I will put the seat down


Carry your lip balm (I totally ask Michael to do this)


Watch your vampire TV shows


Put my underwear in the basket (PLEASE! Really is it that hard!!)


“And because I do this I will drive the car I want to drive! Charger: Man’s Last Stand!”



  1. Well said Doug. In a sick kinda way, this infantilisation and emasculation way of depicting men goes with the current fashion to remove male body hair.

  2. David says:

    Doug, I totally agree. I think it’s pathetic. My girl feels the same. Interestingly like on the Big Bang Theory (my girl watches it so now and then I catch an episode. More times than not I see one of the dorky male characters in his bed pouting in the fetal position and then the hot blonde comes in and consoles them like a mother.

    Also on “Friends” here it is a bit of give and take but a greater weight is placed on the guys being absurd and the woman having the common sense. I could name a ton of instances. But unfortunately in our modern culture women (who paid attention in school while the guys clowned off) are making it in this world while the guys take low paying labor positions where they are paid low and paid off often. I paid attention in college. Got an education in engineering. I hold my head high as a man with not only an education, and good job but, good fashion and taste. I truly think a real woman does not want an emasculated man. TV, as usual, is a fantasy!

  3. David says:

    A few more shows came to mind…King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond and the show, where I really think it all started in full bore was Home Improvements.

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