The Church is Afraid of Real Men!

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Jesus, Masculinity, Religion
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My wife wrote an article titled “The World Still Needs Kings” you can find it here.

In my opinion it was one of her greatest posts, yet she barely received any comments from anyone. Which is odd because it was very inspirational and perfect for the times. As the title suggests, the content deals with men being real men. Not some sissified version of what we have today. I also am firmly convinced that the church is gravely afraid of men stepping into this role. They always talk about wanting men to step up to the plate. But what they mean by that is “church attendance” and that’s it! Going to all night prayer meetings and men breakfasts. The church draws the lines on masculinity because they want to play it safe. Real men aren’t safe. Real men can be dangerous. There is collateral damage in battles between good and evil. There hasn’t been a battle in the church in a long, long time. There hasn’t been a battle because men aren’t engaging in battle anymore. They have lost the desire and ability to fight.

God forbid if a man were to speak the truth in a group of feminist church-going people! Why that would be very offensive and insensitive. We have to be all inclusive in the name of tolerance too. No wonder men hate going to church. Funny, how every time I go on this rant I am labeled as a chauvinistic neanderthal.

Furthermore, I am told that because the younger generation uses every form of social networking on the computer that I must do so as well in order to connect with them. I hate texting, it’s bondage! So is technology. Guys have their heads down so much looking into that stupid little phone that they are not aware of their surroundings. I see it all the time in church too, it drives me crazy. I have mentioned my irritation with it and I’m told to be accepting. What a load of BS!

Being aware of my surroundings is vital if I am going to be able to protect someone from an attacker. That is one of the reasons men are physically bigger and stronger. That’s why we have a rage inside of us when we see an injustice. Unless that too has been buried by political correctness and tolerance. Man I hate that word “tolerance.” Men have buried their instincts so much that it has been replaced with fear.

Most women who read this are going to disagree with me too because for a woman to accept this concept she must give up control, she must be completely trusting and be willing to follow her man. Again it may appear to be dangerous to do this, but in a true kings arms is the safest place to be.  Now do not confuse a legalistic family dictator with a true king or playing golf with the pastor doesn’t make you a true king either.  The problem is that there are too few kings around because the church has burnt them all at the stake. The church has followed the world and emasculated the male in the name of tolerance, acceptance, and gentleness. A good man is not always nice, and being nice isn’t always good! Be a good man, not a nice man.

This world is coming to a crossroad where you will all be victims because of your complacency. My God! Men wake up, rise up, gird your loins and act like men of old. Throw away indecision and fear of rejection by your peers. Who gives a rip what others think of you! If God is telling you to “Get Up” then do it! I don’t know about you, but I don’t need any more friends. I can hear the whiners now. “Oh that’s so callous, don’t you think you’re taking this a little far?” So what, I don’t care what you think. And to the people that say they don’t like me. “Stand in line with the others that don’t like me and take a number!”

I am here to please only my God and to give protection, provision, and leadership to my family and kingdom. What is “my kingdom” you ask? Everywhere and anywhere I choose to go!

Do not even begin to tell me where my boundaries are!

Doug Burrell

Copyright @ 2012

  1. says:

    Amen brother.


    • maryjane1 says:

      Amen brother, I haven’t felt comfortable in church for about 2 and a half years now and I can’t find any church that is bold. Especially when it comes to men being real men. They seem to portray a dumb down version of how men are suppose to be.

      • prophetshrek says:

        Swen, I don’t think you will find a church like that anywhere. That’s why I am on this crusade of mine to try and wake up men. I believe if we were to just be who we know He wants us to be that it just might happen. Remember the bible studies at my house, now that was real. You guys were so authentic and true. I say to men, no more playing games or going along just to get along. Call evil evil and good, good. Well you know where I am going with this!

        Love ya

  2. Dear Chauvinistic Neanderthal (LOL) I haven’t had time to read Cindy’s post yet and have no idea why I got to yours first, but here’s my two cents worth.
    O totally agree with you that “stepping up to the plate” is code language for “attend church (and pay your tithes, in the process, men!); go to mens’ prayer breakfasts and all night prayer meetings.”

    It is also code for “be valiant for Jesus, keep faithful to your wives, support the pastor no matter what, but for heaven’s sake don’t speak out about ugly and uncomfortable topics like male violence against women and children! Sure, take your conversations beyond the weather, cars and sport; but don’t address those secret sins in the mens’ camp too directly, or we will never be able to control to tsunami of complaints that will be unleashed!”

    But I think your wording is a bit too black and white when you say ” for a woman to accept this concept she must give up control, she must be completely trusting and be willing to follow her man.”

    Doug, I accept and joyfully affirm the concept of a man zealously protecting women and children from danger, and that God’s ideal for righteous and virtuous masculinity includes intelligently channeled rage against injustice. Bring it on! But I don’t quite go along with the idea that a woman must be completely trusting and willing to follow her man. As a woman, I will follow a man who displays righteous indignation and outrage against injustice, so long as he expresses that outrage according to Biblical principles.To the extent that he does this as Jesus did it; to the extent that he behaves like Paul, Moses, Peter, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, etc, when those men were obeying God and not following their flesh or their misconceptions; to that extent, I will follow a man. But apart from Jesus, men are all partially flawed, they are on the journey towards sanctification but have not fully arrived at the destination.

    I must, as a follower of Christ, always keep my antenna up and be mindful that any man, no matter how godly he has been, may slip into sin or confusion or fleshly motivation briefly, or for a period. I must judge when a man is not obeying the Laws of Christ’ and to the extent that I think he is failing in that regard, I must follow Christ rather than that man.

    Any recipe that involves blind obedience on the part of woman to her man is a recipe that could be dangerous. I don’t want to rain on your parade, Doug, I just want to exhort you to more careful wording of your viewpoint. I know you heart is right, and I’m just wanting to coach you into a little more careful linguistic navigation, so that you can shape your message to make it more effective in the ears and hearts of your readers. I think some people probably reject what you’re saying because you come across as such a grizzly bear, they shrink back. You need to find a way to convey your message so that it retains all its power, but it isn’t hampered by the great paws of the bear-messenger who is firing the arrows. I know I’ve mixed metaphors abominably, but does that make sense?

    PS I’ll be reading Cindy’s post as soon as I find the time. Never enough time to do everything I want to do…

    • prophetshrek says:

      Barb, I was waiting for you to hit me, I knew you would because of your experiences. I don’t blame you at all. Once bitten, twice shy! However, you must have missed the part about when I said “A True King”

      In His name
      Grizzly Bear

      • I don’t think I actually missed it. I read it, but I just shy away from the concept that any man, no matter how wonderful and godly, will ever get to the point where I should give up all my discernment and fall unthinkingly in with him. This doesn’t imply I would withhold trust or submission from a man who I felt was godly, but I believe i would be silly to think that any man is totally free of flaws.

  3. prophetshrek says:

    Barb, thanks for commenting. You should never give up discernment and just fall in line with whatever anyone wants. For example; Cindy and I discuss everything and I highly value her input. I think long and hard on something that is especially difficult. Any man that doesn’t consider his wife’s opinion is a fool. Having said that, Cindy usually ends her part of the conversation with, “I trust your judgement”. Implying that it is ultimately my decision, which becomes ultimately my responsibility. Which is very sobering, because I must bear the consequences of an ill decision.

    Vulnerability and trust are not to be confused with weakness. When I say (she must give up control, she must be completely trusting and be willing to follow her man) I am not condoning or promoting being under the thumb of tyrannical rule.

    Ultimately the world does still need kings but not all men are kings. However, they do exist. I do recognize that it is difficult for a woman with a history of abuse to even admit that a true godly relationship can exist. But it is possible. This needs to be expressed on other abuse blogs otherwise we as co workers in this ministry are just pointing out wrongs against victims of abuse. There comes a time when the victims must get passed being a victim and be restored with the possibility of hope in a healthy relationship.

    Furthermore, this is really book material. There is so much in this topic. Cindy and I are co authoring our next book which speaks about healthy godly marriages. But that’s another year down the road.

    Your Servant

  4. Jim says:

    WOW. This is truth you won’t hear in church and definitely nowhere in a politicly correct world. Sadly, you may find a perverted version of it from Muslim men. And they really don’t care what anyone thinks of their view.

  5. I think the community is in a constant state of flux, shifting from one set of values and opinions to others, always seeking harmony but never settling into a routine because the next generation thinks that their refined changes will do better. It only take a few generations worth of change to forget what the battle was about and a whole new war to form and be waged elsewhere. The kings exist because the reasons why they exist has never altered. It’s just that their kingdoms are smaller and their value is less.
    Today, the men await intructions from the princess and the queen because they rule. In the past, men were brutal beings. Brutal became unfashionable and the community saw the value of femininity. Masculinity is now out – focussing all its attention on what females want/like/need/feel. Men are but a footnote – assumed, but not heard.
    Ironically, while we’re studying the map of change with a magnifying glass, we’re easily distracted by the overall picture. With all this feminine rightousness at hand, humanity is more brutal than before. Men are confused, boys grow up with no one to guide them and women are left wondering where all the kings went.
    The kings are hiding. The princes’s are quick to keep their heads down. Any man with any anti-feminist word in his head knows all too well to remain invisible and silent. Today is not a king’s day. We live in the time of queens.
    Please visit my soon released novel on this very topic @

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