As a Child

Posted: March 17, 2014 in god, Jesus, Masculinity, Religion

 I have recently been overwhelmed with the realization of living God’s word versus knowing His word.  Perhaps living it is really knowing it.  How intense is the perception of this recent understanding.  How much more difficult and mature is this level of understanding.

Fear is beside me reminding me of the long line of church workers who have seemingly lost their first love, the love of a forgiving dad whose arms are open and whose heart is always toward them.  Is it really possible to be excited by the influence of the Holy Spirit and follow the letter of His commands at the same time ?  I can only look at my beautiful wife and see that it is possible.

This road to spiritual maturity must include conquering of self and reliance on God.  Along this road one must experience joy, sadness, grief, humility, contrition, and pain, facing our own faults, addictions, sins, and family curses.  Teaming with God and your loved ones, and defeating these evil giants is essential for spiritual growth. 

Oh, how painful the application of His ways to our lives can be, but how freeing and wonderful they truly are.  My mind flashes back in history to lost opportunities of personal growth and the chance to offer my sons a better life, although I am confronted with His timing in my life – or is that just a catch-all phrase when we recognize our lack of development and our refusal to surrender.  Either way, I cannot change the past, but must instead live with the knowledge of being able to positively impact lives and impart love, wisdom and affirmation to all.  Perhaps this is what being Christ-like is?  Or is this just where I am at because of my emotional and intellectual restraints and capacity?  Is there a more holy understanding?  Even verbalizing that rings legalism.  Should it?  Why does it?  I am reminded of the Scripture that says, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for today has enough problems in itself.”  So forward I go daily for Him and by Him.

After pondering material authored by Alfred Edersheim, a Messianic Jew, I am confronted with more to intellectually digest; specifically, “rational understanding versus face value” in reference to Scripture.  The Scriptures are full of symbolisms and allegories that are so awesome to me.  They speak to my innermost being by shining light on Scripture, illuminating the thoughts and motives of the Creator – at least as much as I am able to grasp.  Contrarily, I see great value and really admire those who are blindly able to follow God’s word without the need for the exposition revealed by allegorical phrases.  I am reminded of, “Come to Him as a child,” how innocent and trusting and lovely a relationship like this is; however, I am reminded of the large number of Christians that have lost their first love and trudge along playing the part as they know best.

Oh how undone I am and how perfect He is!


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