The Great Escape

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Uncategorized


 Man was not meant to endure sin.  He was not designed with the capacity to function normally, emotionally, mindfully or physically with the ill effects of sin.  As humans, we have no mechanism to counter sin.  We cannot erase sin, we cannot hide from sin, we cannot pretend it never happened, we cannot function as intended while sin imposes its ill in us and toward us.

If we were not created with an ability to counter sin, then our Designer intended for us to live sinless lives or being omniscient, was aware of our weakness, and made a way of escape to point back to Him.  Free will is the culprit of our situation.  Free will was the catalyst of our demise.  His love was the reason for our free will.

What a great love, what a great design, an original design that granted us eternal life and relationship with our Creator.  A design that offered complete free will, then the Designer went even one step further and revealed a route that leads entirely away from Him.  If He hadn’t done that, He could have been called “controlling.”  However, along that path away from Him, the Designer placed one way back to Him.  That way is always there for us to choose, but choosing this way means giving up our way, a way that is designed by us.

We were meant to co-design and co-create with Him, not without Him.  Like a father and son working together on a car, the Father is a master mechanic who owns the necessary tools and possesses the total knowledge of how the car works.  The son can use his tools any time he needs, but also has at his disposal his father’s advice.  Together they can co-design and co-create a beautiful custom show car.  And all the world will marvel at the beauty and power of such a car.

Without the depth of the Father’s knowledge, together with His impassioned willingness to invest in us, His children, we would never have the capacity to accomplish the good He intends.


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