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My wife wrote an article titled “The World Still Needs Kings” you can find it here.

In my opinion it was one of her greatest posts, yet she barely received any comments from anyone. Which is odd because it was very inspirational and perfect for the times. As the title suggests, the content deals with men being real men. Not some sissified version of what we have today. I also am firmly convinced that the church is gravely afraid of men stepping into this role. They always talk about wanting men to step up to the plate. But what they mean by that is “church attendance” and that’s it! Going to all night prayer meetings and men breakfasts. The church draws the lines on masculinity because they want to play it safe. Real men aren’t safe. Real men can be dangerous. There is collateral damage in battles between good and evil. There hasn’t been a battle in the church in a long, long time. There hasn’t been a battle because men aren’t engaging in battle anymore. They have lost the desire and ability to fight.

God forbid if a man were to speak the truth in a group of feminist church-going people! Why that would be very offensive and insensitive. We have to be all inclusive in the name of tolerance too. No wonder men hate going to church. Funny, how every time I go on this rant I am labeled as a chauvinistic neanderthal.

Furthermore, I am told that because the younger generation uses every form of social networking on the computer that I must do so as well in order to connect with them. I hate texting, it’s bondage! So is technology. Guys have their heads down so much looking into that stupid little phone that they are not aware of their surroundings. I see it all the time in church too, it drives me crazy. I have mentioned my irritation with it and I’m told to be accepting. What a load of BS!

Being aware of my surroundings is vital if I am going to be able to protect someone from an attacker. That is one of the reasons men are physically bigger and stronger. That’s why we have a rage inside of us when we see an injustice. Unless that too has been buried by political correctness and tolerance. Man I hate that word “tolerance.” Men have buried their instincts so much that it has been replaced with fear.

Most women who read this are going to disagree with me too because for a woman to accept this concept she must give up control, she must be completely trusting and be willing to follow her man. Again it may appear to be dangerous to do this, but in a true kings arms is the safest place to be.  Now do not confuse a legalistic family dictator with a true king or playing golf with the pastor doesn’t make you a true king either.  The problem is that there are too few kings around because the church has burnt them all at the stake. The church has followed the world and emasculated the male in the name of tolerance, acceptance, and gentleness. A good man is not always nice, and being nice isn’t always good! Be a good man, not a nice man.

This world is coming to a crossroad where you will all be victims because of your complacency. My God! Men wake up, rise up, gird your loins and act like men of old. Throw away indecision and fear of rejection by your peers. Who gives a rip what others think of you! If God is telling you to “Get Up” then do it! I don’t know about you, but I don’t need any more friends. I can hear the whiners now. “Oh that’s so callous, don’t you think you’re taking this a little far?” So what, I don’t care what you think. And to the people that say they don’t like me. “Stand in line with the others that don’t like me and take a number!”

I am here to please only my God and to give protection, provision, and leadership to my family and kingdom. What is “my kingdom” you ask? Everywhere and anywhere I choose to go!

Do not even begin to tell me where my boundaries are!

Doug Burrell

Copyright @ 2012


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Real men do this, and real men do that and men should do this or that. How the world destroyed “real men.”

How about this?

Real Men don’t let the world or anyone in the world tell them how to act. That’s been the real problem the entire time. Don’t let your environment dictate your personality. Don’t let your circumstances or other people influence your decisions. Don’t let your job, friends, church, culture, political edicts, or anything but God lead you.

Be a king wherever you go and to all you meet, bow down to no one nor anything.  Go against the grain and forge a new line for yourself.

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Interesting blog about the condition of Japanese Males losing their masculinity

First I have to give credit for this to David Murrow from Church for Men. He is an advocate for authentic masculinity in the church. Thanks David.

We’re in the thick of the NFL playoff season. If you’re planning to watch a game or two this weekend, do me a favor: pay close attention to the commercials. You’ll learn a lot about men.

Advertisers have learned there are certain words and images that motivate guys to commit. Here’s an ad from Toyota, promoting the Tundra Pickup Truck:

Let’s break it down: A rough, gravel-voiced announcer. A dangerous situation. Huge metal beams swinging through space. Dirt. The sound of a motor roaring, tires squealing, metal grinding and cables snapping. Crowds of men cheering the truck’s narrow victory. A final angular logo that slams into place.

Now let’s look at a commercial you’ll never see on an NFL broadcast. It’s from the same advertiser, Toyota. See if you can figure out which gender this ad is targeting:

Flowers. Children. Butterflies. A female singer. A message of harmony. A logo that gently folds out onto the screen.

In case you haven’t figured it out, the Prius is targeted at wealthy urban women who think of themselves as eco-friendly. The Tundra Pickup is targeted at men who think of themselves as rugged and hard-working.

Here’s the point: men and women respond to different imagery. Sure, there are always exceptions, but the genders as a whole are quite predictable. Advertisers know this. So they customize their sales pitches. Toyota would never use flowers and dancing children to sell a pickup truck because men would hate it. It goes against everything men believe about themselves.

Which leads us to the church. Without realizing it, many churches have created a Prius-like culture. We focus heavily on relationships. Healing. Nurturing. Harmony. We decorate with flowers, quilts, ribbons and lace. Our ministries revolve around domestic tasks such as cooking, childcare, and education.

And we’ve softened our message. We’ve cleaned up the grit, grime and danger. The gospel is no longer a hazardous mission – it’s a personal relationship. It’s about family harmony. Getting along with others. Being nice.

No wonder we’re having trouble motivating men to commit.

Fortunately, there’s a book that can help any church recapture the adventure of following Jesus. It’s called THE BIBLE. It’s pages are stained with blood. It’s very message is danger.  As one of my favorite pastors often said, “The Gospel, properly followed, will kill you.”

So as you watch football commercials this weekend, ask yourself: is my church putting a Prius spin on the gospel? Are we unwittingly targeting women with our message and ministries? If so, how can we recapture the dangerous message Christ proclaimed?


Has anyone but me noticed the commercials on TV that have a husband acting like a child and the wife acting like a mother towards her husband/child? There’s the one where a group of guys are over watching football and the wife comes home and there are dirty footprints on the carpet. The husband makes a lame excuse and later it shows the husband and a friend cleaning the carpet. Like two pouty kids. Or the one where a child of a couple is dropping hints about what it wants and the mom gives the kid everything he wants. So the husband employs the same tactic because he wants to go play golf. His wife flat out tells him no.


First, if a husband or wife has to ask either one to do something the relationship is seriously in trouble. Checking with each other out of respect is one thing but asking for permission is wrong. No one gender should have that much authority over the other. These commercials are just another way of attempting to strip away the masculinity of the men. My wife and I both find these repulsive. Why would a wife want to be a mother to her husband. Contrarily speaking a husband should be a preserver of his wife. That means he should consider her in all things he does and thinks.


There is a current theme on commercials that have a man acting like a child in relationship to their wife


Here one I know you’ve seen.


The Dodge Charger ad about women sucking the life out of their men! Literally titled “A Man’s Last Stand,” it features men with dead eyes and sallow complexions reciting in monotone all the things they are forced to do in their lives. Here is some of the list


Walk the dog at 6:30 am


Shave and clean out the sink after they shave


Be at work at 8


Sit though two-hour meetings


I will say yes when you want me to say yes


I will talk your call (Gee thanks!)


Listen to YOUR (the mean wife’s) opinions about my friends


Listen to YOUR friends’ opinions about my friends


I will be civil to your mother


I will put the seat down


Carry your lip balm (I totally ask Michael to do this)


Watch your vampire TV shows


Put my underwear in the basket (PLEASE! Really is it that hard!!)


“And because I do this I will drive the car I want to drive! Charger: Man’s Last Stand!”




Why Men Hate Church

By David Murrow — Cliff is a man’s man. On the job he’s known as a go-getter and a very hard worker. He’s a good provider who loves his wife and kids. He’s well respected by his neighbors. Cliff drives a humongous four-wheel-drive pickup. He loves the outdoors and takes every opportunity for a little hunting and fishing. He enjoys a cold beer and a dirty joke. He does not go to church.

Ask him why he doesn’t go to church, and he’ll offer up words like boring, irrelevant, and hypocrite. But the real reason Cliff doesn’t go to church is that he’s already practicing another religion. That religion is masculinity.

The ideology of masculinity has replaced Christianity as the true religion of men. We live in a society with a female religion and a male religion: Christianity, of various sorts, for women and non-masculine men; and masculinity . . . for men.

Cliff practices his religion with a single-mindedness the Pharisees would envy. His work, his hobbies, his entertainment, his follies, his addictions, everything he does is designed to prove to the world he is a man. His religion also demands that he avoid anything that might call his manhood into question. This includes church, because Cliff believes deep in his heart that church is something for women and children, not men.

Cliff is not alone. Men have believed this for centuries. In the 1800s, Charles Spurgeon said, “There has got abroad a notion, somehow, that if you become a Christian you must sink your manliness and turn milksop.” Cliff sees Christianity as incongruous with his manhood. It’s a women’s thing.


We’re only in chapter 1, and I know I’m already in trouble with a lot of you. I can just imagine what you’re thinking: Church is not a women’s thing—it’s a men’s thing! It certainly looks that way, doesn’t it? After all, a man and His male disciples founded Christianity, most of its major saints and heroes were men, men penned all of the New Testament books, all of the popes were men, all of the Catholic priests are men, and 95 percent of the senior pastors in America are men. Feminists have been telling us for years that the church is male dominated and patriarchal. Are they right?

The answer is yes and no. The pastorate is a men’s club. But almost every other area of church life is dominated by women. Whenever large numbers of Christians gather, men are never in the majority. Not at revivals. Not at crusades. Not at conferences. Not at retreats. Not at concerts. With the exception of men’s events and pastoral conferences, can you think of any large gathering of Christians that attracts more men than women?

Visit the church during the week, and you’ll find most of the people working there are female. Drop in on a committee meeting, and you’ll find a majority of the volunteers are women—unless it’s that small bastion of male presence, the building committee. Look over the leadership roster: the pastor is likely to be a man, but at least two-thirds of the ministry leaders will be women. Examine the sign-up sheets for volunteer work, prayer, Sunday school, and nursery duty. You’ll be lucky to see more than a couple of men’s names on these lists. One pastor recently told me, “If it weren’t for the postman, every visitor to the church during the week would be a woman.”

read the full article below

via Why Men Hate Church — Spiritual Life.

‘Guyliner’ And ‘Manscara’ No Longer Just For Rock Stars |

Seriously people? Guyliner and Manscara?

Another attempt at trying to blur the lines between the genders. Men and women should be more opposite than anything on the planet! The enemy is trying to neutralize the power of the male, and distort and change the qualities of femininity. Trying to make manly men a thing of the past, someone to look down on. Well guess what? This only makes me fight harder! Pray harder against this evil! And talk louder against it!

While I’m on this topic…guys stop worrying about how you look.  Instead worry or think about your character. And always, I mean always! Treat women like Queens and Princess’s, no matter how they treat you. Stand out from this idiotic crowd and make a mark for authentic masculinity. It’s time to turn the tables on this stupidity!

A serious ‘Man Card’ violation!